autodidactic Photographer, born in Germany.
Found his "real" Home in 1999 in Crete. First Exhibitions in Greece 2010.

The Focus of his Art is People in all Facets.
"No Matter if the People are old or young, dressed or naked, on a Stage or in the Streets:
the only Thing what counts is Emotion!
It can be in a Movement, a Look, a Gesture, a Facial Expression ... there is always
this one special Moment I try to catch."

Most of his Images are Black/White or Sepia. He is doing his Shootings mainly
.. in the most beautiful Studio of the World: in the free Nature of this Island!"


In 2011 he started his Winter Project „Liquid Sculptures“ (High Speed Photography)


Since 2013 he produces Documentaries and Short Films


His first Installation → "THANK YOU, EUROPE!" (about Mediterranean Sea Refugees)  was shown at the "Paleochora Art Week" 2016.  Afterwards the Installation was exhibited 2016/2017 in different Galleries in Germany.